We love dogs here at Two Casitas (Who doesn’t, right?) When we started this business back in 1998, we didn’t have dogs of our own, but always loved meeting our guest’s dogs. When we got our first dog in 2000, she was thrilled when a new furry friend would pull up to one of the Two Casitas. This  was back when Two Casitas only had “Two” Casitas and we lived at the same property in this compound and in the  main part of the home at 511 Douglas Street which is now called Maraposa and Zia. We ended up with four little chihuahuas who helped get us through the best and worst of times, and yes, we brought them on some of our travels! Three of them recently passed away, and the other one lives with Wendy’s mom, but we have recently adopted two new dogs named Miles and Fawn! We like to think of them as Two Casitas’ unofficial mascots. But enough about our dogs, You’re reading this because you want to know what you can do with your dog(s) in Santa Fe. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, as Santa Fe is one of the most pet-friendly towns you can visit.

Almost one quarter of Two Casitas guests come with a furry companion and almost all of our vacation home rentals are dog-friendly. Although you will never know when you first arrive that another dog was visiting prior to you as you will not see a single dog hair in the house as we keep our homes sparking clean. Many of our vacation homes sport large backyards and or lovely patios. Most of the out door spaces are completely enclosed as well. When you stay in our homes your dog won’t be cooped up in a small hotel room all day.This is one of the greatest advantages of renting a vacation rental over a standard hotel. Any many Santa Fe hotels are not pet friendly at all.

Santa Fe has some great parks where you and your dog can get some exercise. One of our personal favorites is St. Patrick Smith’s park which is on the east side of the Plaza in-between E. Alameda St. and Canyon Rd. Lots of green grass and bags are furnished by the city of Santa Fe so you can help clean the park clean.This is a great place for you and your dogs to meet locals and other visitors. Although this park has a very strict on leash only law it is still considered one of the best dog park in town. You’ll easily be able to find someone to talk to and exchange those never ending dog stories. If you’re bringing your kids along, there is also a great playground and basketball court at the top of the park. The park is beautifully surrounded by many kinds of trees, and The Santa Fe River runs along its side. In fact the Santa Fe river walk is another lovely stroll to take with your furry friend. From Patrick Smith Park take a twenty minute walk along the grassy tree lined pathway to the Plaza. If your lucky our only river in town might actually be running.

One of my favorite things to do with our dogs in and around Santa Fe is to go hiking! You and your dog can take in the truly unique splendor of Santa Fe’s hiking trails. Some of my favorite hiking spots are Santa Fe National Historic Trail, Trail Of Tears National Historic Park, Ski Santa Fe, Old Spanish National Historic Trail, and Borrego Trail.

When the weather is nice, many of Santa Fe’s best restaurants have pet-friendly patios. Your dog will be so excited to get to go out to eat with you as you will be to sample Santa Fe’s fantastic local cuisine! Here is a list of pet-friendly restaurants.

315 Restaurant –

Counter Culture –

La Casa Sena –

Downtown Subscription –

La Montanita Co-Op –

The Gate House –

Milagro 139 –

The Burrito Company –

Santa Fe Baking Company –

The Shed –\

When traveling with your dog, it’s always smart to know where the nearest veterinarian clinic is. If you visit you can find the three locations of Santa Fe’s emergency vet clinics just in case your dog needs treatment.

We always recommend if you are interesting in dog training services. They have a philosophy of creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the dog and owner as opposed to a submissive/dominant relationship. is one of our favorite boutique dog stores in Santa Fe. They have a lot of food and basic necessities as well as a lot of fun toys and clothing for all kinds of dogs that you will not find anywhere else! You can even get a real turquoise and silver collar and leach. South West clothing, doggie travel backpacks and strollers. Watch out this place is dangerous in you can empty your pocket book so easily while spoiling your best friend. We also have a Petco and Petsmart if you are looking for a more standard affair. is one of Santa Fe’s excellent boarding services in town. They always make sure your dog is happy and comfortable. They also offer excellent training services!

By Two Casitas

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