Stay Like A Local – Volume 1 – Santa Fe Music Scene

Hello! This is the first entry in my new series of blog entries called “Stay Like A Local” where I will provide you with tips to immerse yourself in Santa Fe’s local culture. This entry will focus on Santa Fe’s music scene which is one of the most vibrant (and under appreciated) aspects of The City Different. A lot of people come to Santa Fe to experience our fantastic Santa Fe Opera House and Chamber Music Festival, however if you are interested in a wide array of music, don’t miss out on the hundreds of local acts that call Santa Fe home.


If you are traveling to Santa Fe between June 23rd and August 28th, be sure to visit the Santa Fe Bandstand on The Plaza. Most all of Two Casitas, Santa Fe Vacation Homes are walking distance to the Plaza. (Those of you from Texas might say Square, do not say Square all the locals will know you are a tourist lol) The festival features 100 open-air performances by a wide variety of local and touring bands. This is one of my favorite activities in Santa Fe because both locals and tourists are able to freely mingle and enjoy free music while in close proximity to Santa Fe’s cultural center. Details about The Santa Fe Bandstand and performance schedules can be found at

Santa Fe’s restaurants and bars are another great way to experience local music. Here are some of my favorite venues:

I’ve been going to The Cowgirl for as long as I can remember. There isn’t a single place in Santa Fe that typifies the local atmosphere more effectively and consistently than Santa Fe’s very own Cowgirl Hall of Fame in the newly renovated and updated Rail yard district. I call this area the Sojo of Santa Fe. The food is affordable and tasty, the staff is friendly, and it is home to some of the best music in town! It is located in The Rail yard district, and is walking distance from many of our Vacation homes. There is a brunch every sunday morning, and live music almost every night. This is where I played my first show as a professional musician, and I have returned many times. It is a hub for Santa Fe’s Alternative Country and Folk Music scene.‎

Second St. Brewery is another bar/restaurant that remains iconic to locals. They have two locations in town: one in The Rail yard, and the off of San Mateo St. Both are famous for their locally brewed beer and consistent quality music. Music is often quieter and more intimate at 2nd St. but the atmosphere is extremely vibrant.

El Farol has a fantastic dichotomy; it has all of the charm and personality of a dive bar, but with a fantastic and classy menu of tapas (Small Spanish dishes) and cocktails. It is located near the East end of Canyon Road, so it is very close to many of our casitas in that area as well. You will see plenty of fantastic music here, as it is another of Santa Fe’s small music hubs. Expect to see a lot of blues and rock ‘n’ roll here! El Farol is the oldest bar in Santa Fe. Here is a link to the restaurant bar and another fantastic link to learn about the rich history of El Farol.

El Farol – The Welcome Light in the Canyon

Evangelo’s is Santa Fe’s quintessential bar on The Plaza. Certainly the most authentic and at time wild venues in Santa Fe, expect a funky and old-time Santa Fe charm and plenty of drinks while you listen to its wide array of blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll music.

Dual Brewing Company is a new bar in Santa Fe that has been picking up a lot of steam. They have a fantastic sound system, and is almost unique in the fact that there are no TVs in the bar! They brew their own beer, and play host to every kind of music that Santa Fe has to offer.

El Meson is a wonderful Spanish bar that is just North of The Plaza, and it is famous for its Jazz and Flamenco nights!

If you really want to blend in to Santa Fe, there is no better way to do it than by immersing yourself in our music scene. Locals are very passionate about music, and you will see plenty of styles that are not common in the rest of the country. Many of our local bands have a unique Santa Fe flavor, even though they run the gamut when it comes to genre. Almost every act that you see in Santa Fe will have a distinct character that will permeate the crowd and make you feel as if you’ve known them for years. This will make you feel right at home even though you are on vacation!

Of course, once you are finished gallivanting around town, you’ll need a home to return to! Two Casitas has many properties that will provide you with unparalleled access to Santa Fe’s local music scene. Best of all if you have one to many drinks you can walk home from most of these venues to one of Two Casitas Vacation Rentals. Check out to see which of our casitas would be the perfect home for your musical adventure!

Now lets get real local. You might just be one of the only locals here. Tiny’s bar and lounge has been around since 1950. Tiny’s of Santa Fe has made the Esquire list of best bars in America. It is s very near the heart of the City of Santa Fe–it’s just not in the Plaza area where it started out decades ago. At Tiny’s Restaurant and Lounge on Pen Road off Cerrillos, next to the Crossroads Mall, there is plenty of space to park your vehicle and dance till you drop.  Tiny’s offers many great reasons to come eat, drink, dance, and sing. The entertainment hosts some of Santa Fe’s better bands and even Karaoke on Saturday nights which leads you to the dance floor, all without a cover. So bring your hunger  your thirst to be quenched, your boots, paten-leather shoes, sneakers or loafers to dance.

Right on the Plaza every body knows of one of my favorite hotels. The only one to stay at if you feel like staying in a Santa Fe hotel instead of a vacation rental in my not so humble opinion. This is because of its authentic flavor and decor. Here the party begins in the La Fiesta Lounge off of the lobby where live acts bring down the house six nights a week. Enjoy some of the finest bands in Santa Fe, from cool blues to old-school soul music. Whether it’s Texas two-step, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, or country that gets you moving, a good time is waiting for you in one of Santa Fe’s favorite music venues.

See you on the dance floor!

By Two Casitas

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