Santa Fe, Springtime and the Mariposa at Two Casitas

Springtime in Santa Fe.  Forsythias blooming on side streets, sunshine on Canyon Road patio bars in the early afternoon, high school kids playing hacky sack on the plaza, Georgia O’Keefe poppies in front yards, hiking at Bandelier National Monument . . .It’s an amazing time to be in the Capitol city, and I was fortunate enough to spend the first weekend of spring at Wendy Kapp’s Mariposa, one of Two Casita’s two bedroom homes.

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Santa Fe Breakfast Battle (with myself)

One of the absolute best things about going to Santa Fe is the eating.  I agree that it’s not the only thing worthwhile about visiting – there’s the Opera and the Lensic and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the Plaza and the Railyard and the hiking and the skiing and Ten Thousand Waves and music at El Farol on a Saturday night. . . There are a lot of good reasons to visit Santa Fe. But the food. . .just thinking about the amazing food we eat when we’re there makes my mouth water.

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La Casa Sena – Historic AND Delicious Santa Fe

For me, Santa Fe’s vibrant history has always been one of the best reasons to visit.  It’s no secret that you don’t have to spend an afternoon in a Santa Fe museum (although those are amazing) to get a glimpse of how life was in the city hundreds of years ago.  One of the best examples of Santa Fe’s rich history is La Casa Sena.

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Santa Fe, Canyon Road and Two Casitas

I’ve been going to Canyon Road since my childhood, when my Aunt Margaret led me there on a wintry Christmas Eve to view the farolitos and visit with one of her Santa Fe neighbors.  I love it still – the galleries, the sculpture, the narrow street, the restaurants and patios.  I love the general feel of Santa Fe history mixed with the excitement of creativity.

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The Civil War, Santa Fe and Las Golondrinas

When you think of the Civil War, you probably think of Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Shiloh, and Atlanta. . .Southern locales where the fighting was heavy and rivalries between neighbors and families were heated and angry.  People don’t usually think of New Mexico as being associated with the Civil War.

But we had battles here, two of them fought in 1862 near Santa Fe at Glorietta and in Apache Canyon.  This year marks the 150th anniversary of New Mexico’s Civil War battles, and this weekend you can get a glimpse of what those battles were like at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas, where living history actors and Civil War buffs will reenact both battles.

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